Exhibition Logistics Services

Exhibition Logistics Services

For all exhibitions, congresses, conferences, seminars, promotions and similar activities to be held abroad, the goods must be transported by road, air, sea, railway, etc. We carry out international transportation using transportation and, if necessary, customs procedures with our fast, high-quality and economical service approach.

  • Detailed quote
  • Information about the preparation of your customs documents
  • Information required for labeling your Exhibition goods
  • Domestic transportation services in Turkey
  • Pickup from your address and delivery back to your address
  • Customs clearance services in Turkey
  • Customs procedures at the exhibition center
  • Unloading-loading services
  • Delivery to and pick-up from your exhibition stand
  • International transportation services by road, sea, air and rail
  • Temporary storage of your empty crates and boxes during the Exhibition
  • Delivery of the sold Exhibition goods to the bonded warehouse for final import
  • Allocation of trans pallets, forklifts, cranes, platforms and expert transportation personnel for the assembly and disassembly works to be carried out at the Exhibition stand
  • Allocation of necessary materials and qualified personnel for the unpackaging and repackaging of your Exhibition goods
  • Delivery of your materials back to your address at the end of the Exhibition